Monday, June 2, 2008

The Usability Week 2008 Conference

Usability Week 2008 takes you beyond the typical conference experience, offering a 3-day usability camp, a 3-day intensive session on interaction design, and several specialized, day-long tutorials that get both broad and deep on core usability topics. Come for as few or as many days as you want.

3-Day Intensive Camp:

  • Usability in Practice
    In this fun, intense, and challenging camp, you’ll get four-days’ worth of tutorial knowledge in a three-day session. Experts with over half a century of combined usability experience take you through fundamental principles and methods, help you create a sound usability plan, and teach you the skills you need to successfully execute that plan.

3-Day Immersion:

  • Interaction Design 101 with Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini
    Go from zero to Interaction Designer in three days, with a solid grounding in the theory and practice of design, along with practical experience through workshops from initial field studies through design and testing.

Specialized Full-Day Tutorials:

  • Fundamental Guidelines for Web Usability
    Gain insight into essential user behaviors, explore pivotal guidelines, and discover how understanding information foraging, navigation and search options, and content usability can help you build a website that’s easier and more enjoyable to use.
  • Application Usability 1: Page-Level Building Blocks for Feature Design
    Learn the user experience implications of the basic design components — buttons, scrolling, notification dialogs, windows, and more — used to build any application. This knowledge will help you build full-fledged applications that optimally support user tasks.
  • Application Usability 2: Dialogue and Workflow Design
    Day two moves beyond the UI components themselves. Learn to better apply and combine such components to create more effective flows for different tasks. Numerous examples provide templates and techniques for everyday use.
  • Intranet Usability 1
    Learn the essential features of well-designed intranets, along with key usability guidelines and testing tips. You’ll also get a rare peek at corporate intranets and discuss how to deal with organizational issues that impact intranet design.
  • Intranet Usability 2
    Day two covers intranet branding and promotion, as well as detailed issues in intranet design, such as search, navigation, personalization, employee directories, HR information, and forms.
  • Websites That Sell: The Role of Motivational Psychology in Website Design
    Field-tested motivation psychology techniques will increase sales, help avoid key website mistakes that drive customers away, and improve the user-experience of ecommerce, non-profit & intranet sites alike.
  • Email Newsletter Usability
    Studies of more than 100 email newsletters show how spam, subscription maintenance, content selection, subject lines, and other key issues impact an email newsletter’s success.
  • Writing for the Web: Content Usability
    Rewriting and reorganizing text according to our “Writing for the Web” guidelines often doubles the usability of a website or intranet, and drastically increases the success rate for effectively communicating key messages.
  • B2B Experiences in a Consumer-Oriented Web World
    New York, London, and San Francisco only
    Running a B2B or corporate web presence hold many complex challenges not known to the B2C web world. Learn how to meet the high expectations users bring from their experience from much simpler consumer sites.

Pay only for the days you need. The more days you attend, the deeper the discount. Early bird rates save even more, so sign up early!

Choose your city for agendas, location, pricing, and registration information:

Attendees with special needs should contact conference hotels directly to discuss accommodations (hotel information is available under each city’s “location info” link).

You can also book any of the Usability Week tutorials for in-house presentation at your company or interest group. See our seminar and workshop offerings for further information.


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