Friday, September 19, 2008

10 More Great Website Designs Using Wordpress As CMS

When I posted the first roundup called 10 Great Website Designs Using Wordpress As CMS, it received a lot of comments, being in fact one of the most commented blog posts. Some of you mentioned other great websites making use of Wordpress as CMS, some of you mentioned you use Wordpress in your own web design projects.

I also received a lot of requests recently, from people who wanted to convert their old websites to a Wordpress driven website. So Wordpress is clearly growing in popularity! That’s why I’ve put together this follow up of cool designs, using some of your suggestions, as well as some of my own finds. Enjoy:

1. Feedback Audio

2. fraai

3. Future Snowboarding Magazine

4. Ginger Restaurant

5. Inbound Pass

6. International Screening Solutions

7. kineda

8. Little White Lies

9. Miami Dating Coach

10. ten24media

I’m just checking now some of the links. Looks like Kineda changed look and Future Snowboarding merged with another website. I created these screenshots a while ago, just didn’t have the time to put the post together.

via :rubiqube

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