Friday, February 27, 2009

23 Awesome Design samples as a Force For Good

1. Red Cross

The Red Cross foundation in Pakistan used this ad to encourage donations for those who needed support during the winter.

2. Red Cross

This is a general ad from the Red Cross aimed at trying to get the younger generation to help those less fortunate.

3. Child Labor

To help raise awareness about child labor, the Dutch House of Parliament created these ads on revolving doors.

4. Homeless in Portugal

Here is a creative advertisement that was placed on the underside of trash can lids that reads; "Help. So that no one has to come here food."

5. Homeless in United Kingdom

These stickers were placed around the United Kingdom and read; “Your Trash is someone else food.“

6. Brazil's Children

In order to help get kids off the streets these floor advertisements look as though there is a child stuck under the street. The ad reads; “Help a child escape the streets. Donate to our children's villages in Brazil“

7. Focus

Here is a cool ad designed to look like a large cardboard sign like that used by many a homeless person.

8. Homeless India

A billboard used in India to help raise awareness of the rising growth of homelessness there.

9. Salvation Army

Another super creative ad by the salvation army to help gain support for their fight on homelessness in Brazil.

10. Homeless in the United States

Homelessness isn't just in other countries. This ad was placed on trash cans around the US.

11. World Food Program

This ad reads; “Freeing them from malnutrition and poverty is in your hands.

12. Brookeline Community Foundation

This origami jacket is made out of a personal check. The ad reads; “Clothing. Just one of the many things your money helps provide to those in need.“

13. Berlin Child Hunger

This is a unique bag advertisement in Berlin to promote the need for support with child hunger.

14. UN High Commissioner for Refugees

An advertisement design to help raise money for refugees.


An ad that tackles the issue of bad water. Ad reads; “Bad water kills more children than war."

16. Father Bob Maguire Foundation

Another trash can ad to help raise awareness about the homeless. The ad reads; “For the homeless, every day is a struggle. Donate today and help us feed the homeless. “

17. Homeless in Denver

The ad is actually made up of pictures of homeless people in Denver. The images were removed once each person was helped.

18. WSSCC: Babies

An advertisement aimed at help improve water sanitation.

19. National Coalition for the Homeless

A creative advertisement the uses a coffee cup lid to look like a homeless persons change cup.

20. Association Against Poverty in Belgium

A startling ad used in Belgium to raise awareness of poverty. Ad reads; “Having to count your pennies every day isn't fun.�

21. Amnesty International

This advertisement is designed to get people to donate money to help build refugee camps. The ad reads; “This is where I was when I helped building a refugee camp in Pakistan. “

22. Salvation Army

The goal of this advertisement was to get people to donate their old clothes for the homeless. The ad reads; “Any old clothes will do. “

23. Israeli Food Bank

Another advertisement to promote homelessness. The ad reads; “Too many people eat on the streets. “

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