Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is a CSS Grid Framework?

Layout grids have been used in print publishing long before the Web. They're an invisible foundation used to achieve visual cohesion in magazine and newspaper page design and layout. They essentially amount to a lattice that divides horizontal and vertical space in consistent units where text, headlines, images, and advertising can be placed.

The same concept has been adapted for web page design for much the same reason, using CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) code to position HTML elements. In fact, many editorial sites run by large print media publishers do apply grids to achieve a look on their websites that's similar to their print content. Note that the vertical axis is not as well supported in CSS Grid systems, since a web page's height is not as much of an issue as for a printed page. (Still, that's a minor issue in web page design, unless you expect the same features as with Desktop Publishing - aka DTP - systems, which is difficult to support without a PostScript-like language for browsers to implement and support.)


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