Saturday, September 6, 2008

Photoshop tutorial: Colored chrome text effect

We’ve seen many photoshop tutorials showing how to create the chrome text effect. In this tutorial we will go a step further and create a colored chrome text effect.

First we need a bold rounded font. We can get a free one from Let’s pick Adira Display. Then create a new file. Dimensions should be 500px x 500px. A dark gray background is just fine. Don’t pick black as we are going to adjust that part later with an adjustment layer. Write the world BIG in a new layer with font size of 190pt approx. Like the image below:

Double click on the font layer to bring up the layer styles window. Click on Gradient overlay and create the gradient that you will see on the following image.

We will need 6 colors and the values (from left to right) are:
1. #bedeec
2. #bcb7d7
3. #f0c9d7
4. #f5c8b5
5. #f5f2ca
6. #dff3fe

Now we should have the following image:

Back in the layer styles click on Satin and enter the following settings:

And now we should have something like this:

Now we are going to apply the following styles. Inner glow, Outer glow, Inner Shadow and Drop Shadow. Let’s see the settings for each one of them.

Inner glow

Outer glow

Inner shadow uses a custom Contour setting which can be seen in the following image:

Drop Shadow

Great. You should now see something like this:

It looks OK but we can improve it. Actually it doesn’t look like chrome yet. We need to apply the following Bevel and Emboss style to get there. Let’s see the settings. The custom Contour can be found on the following image too:

And we should get this:

Ah. That’s better. A bit darker would do the trick don’t you think? Let’s do it then. Go to Layer -> Add Adjustment Layer -> Exposure and enter the following settings:

Let’s see our final result:

Really nice effect don’t you think?

Hint: If you remove the gradient layer now, you get a really nice black and white chrome effect like this:


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