Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings

To start off with you should always use a keyword tool to identify those keywords that will be fairly easy to rank highly for. These are often referred to as long-tail keywords. They may not get many searches per month but they will be easy to get top rankings for. Therefore you will soon start seeing a small steady flow of traffic to your site.

On-Page Optimization
One of the ways you can increase your search engine rankings is by optimizing every one of your web pages (or blog posts if you run a blog). This is very easy to do. You simply include your preferred keywords in the title of your page and also include them in the meta description and keywords section. You can also include them in any headers that appear on your page.

This will certainly help with your SEO efforts but it's the off-page optimization techniques that will really give your a website the boost it needs...

Off-Page Optimization
Off-page optimization can be summed up in one word - backlinks. If you are serious about achieving top search engine rankings then you need as many backlinks to your site as possible. This is because these backlinks are essentially votes from other websites, so the more you have, the higher you should rank.

When you go about obtaining these links you need to ensure that you use your chosen keywords in the actual link text. This is very important. It's also important that you vary this anchor text as well because if you just use the same exact keywords then it looks like you are trying to game the search engines, so try and use different combinations of keywords if you can.

How To Get Backlinks
There are lots of ways you can get backlinks to your website. A traditional method is simply to swap links with other websites - you link to their website and they link to yours. However for the best results, you ideally want to obtain one-way links:


There are thousands of directories online that you can submit your website to. You can submit to lots of the free ones or you can choose to go with some of the paid directories which will often provide better quality links.

Social Bookmarking:

If you have good content, you can submit individual web pages or blog posts to the various social bookmarking sites. This will help create links to your inner web pages and may even deliver some decent traffic as well.


Whatever the subject of your website, there will almost certainly be a few forums within that niche. Many of these forums will allow you to link to your website in the sig file. Therefore whenever you post on one of these forums, you will be leaving a link to your site at the bottom of each post.


Writing articles and submitting them to the various article directories is one of the most effective ways of getting backlinks. All of these article directories will allow you to link to your website in the resource box that is attached to each article so this is another easy way to get backlinks.

SEO Software
If you really want to dominate the search engine rankings then I recommend you use a piece of software called SEO Elite. I use this software pretty much every day to get my websites to the top of the search engines in the more competitive niches.

What SEO Elite does so well is that it allows you to effectively spy on your competition. You can instantly find out exactly where they are getting their backlinks from so you can obtain these same links yourself and hopefully outrank them.

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