Thursday, September 24, 2009

30+ Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Backgrounds & Textures

Photoshop provides designers with unlimited options for creating unique and attractive backgrounds. One of the most popular approaches is to create some type of textured background, and fortunately there are a number of helpful tutorials to teach you all the tricks you need to know.

Windows Vista Aurora Effect

Vista Aurora Effect

Crumpled Photo Texture Tutorial

Crumpled Photo

How to Create Brushed Aluminum

Brushed Aluminum

Creating a Wood Texture

Wood Texture

Creating a Metallic Background

Metallic Background

Creating a Fur Texture


Creating a Grungy Metal Texture

Grungy Metal Texture

Photoshop Marble Textures Tutorial Using Filters

Marble Texture

Photorealistic Rock and Stone Textures

Photorealistic Rock

How to Create Hardwood Flooring with Wood Texture Bricks

Hardwood Flooring

Creating a Tile Pattern

Creating a Tile Pattern

Creating a Metallic Floor Pattern

Metallic Floor Pattern

Creating a Leaf Texture

Leaf Texture

Texture of Black Bubbles Effects

Black Bubbles Effects

Creating a Choppy Seas Effect in Photoshop

Choppy Seas Effect

Water from Below

Water from Below

Rusty Surface Texture in Photoshop

Rusty Surface Texture

Crumpled Paper Bag

Crumpled Paper Bag

Red Tissue

Red Tissue

Clean Background Effect

Clean BG

Stone Texture

Stone Texture

Satin Cloth Texture (video)

Satin Cloth Texture

How to Add Scan Lines to Your Photo

How to Add Scan Lines

Creating Plaid Patterns

Plaid Patterns

Texturing of Old Paper

Texturing of Old Paper

Abstract Background of Colored Bars

Colored Bars

The Ultimate Wood Texture Tutorial

Ultimate Wood Texture

Liquid Blood Background

Liquid Blood BG

Fabric Folds

Fabric Folds

Smooth Silk Texture

Smooth Silk

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop

Mac Type Background



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