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The Best of 2009 in Flash Web Design

I have rounded up some of the most interesting. amazing and inspired flash creations. Collected from the best lists roundups competitions and designers from the year of 2009. Containing the newest tuts the broadest resources and creative designs in many flash coded combination’s. Presenting a view of Flash Design from 2009.

Flash Sites Design and Launched in 2009

We Choose the Moon

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. is an interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Once where only three men made the trip, now millions can. Live event began 9:32 AM EDT July 16, 2009. Exactly 40 years after Apollo 11 lifted off.

Portfolio – Mauricio Guimaraes


Rendez une visite à ce monde plein d’illustrations avec des beaux détails et personnages. Visit this well illustrated cartoony world with plenty of cute details and characters.

Frito Lay Dips and Chips: Made For Each Other


Welcome to the home of Frito Lay dips and chips, a magical place where everyone has a perfect match. Watch videos, play games and find out why Frito Lay dips and chips are made for each other.

Red Bull Soapbox Racer


Kids of all ages in self-made cars, racing down a steep hill – this is the world of Red Bull Soapbox Racing, and now you can experience it online, too. The cars, the hills, the racing action – everything is there. And more!

HBO Imagine



There are many sides to every story, see them all. HBO invites you to participate in a multi-dimensional storytelling experience that defies expectations and proves a change in perspective changes everything. Will you uncover the truth and see the bigger picture?

Martini Asti | Zasmakuj elegancji


Martini Asti… ?wie?y smak i aromat winogron Moscato, kwintesencja w?oskiego winiarstwa. Martini Asti… Fresh taste and aroma of Moscato grapes, the quintessence of Italian winemaking.

GE Plug Into the Smart Grid


The Smart Grid integrates 21st century technology with the 20th century power grid. So GE can help you manage energy more efficiently than ever before.

Thank You begins with a T


A Gift from Grow Interactive.

What’s The Real Cost?

Hope lies in a health care culture where costs are clear and transparent. Regence invites you to explore the power of your voice.



Build a lunchbox. Win a lunchbox full of prizes including an iPod! See our Terms of Use for full details.



Labuat es un proyecto musical nacido de la imaginación que lleva años gestándose. Labuat is a musical project born of the imagination that takes years in gestation.

Lacoste Red!

Enter the LACOSTE Red! party. Discover the new Lacoste Collection by Christophe Lemaire. Cool fashion, sneakers, super slim fits, colorful styles, 60’s inspired. COME ON ! LET’S DANCE ! LET’S PLAY ! Including the single




magneticNorth, or mN to friends, is an interactive creative design company based in the UK.

IDFA – De Montagetafel

The editing table, choose a documentary

Optus Whale Song

Optus Whale Song – Anything’s possible through communication.

Comcast Town


In Comcast Town the possibilities are never-ending, the innovations infinite and the squirrels play guitars. Here’s your chance to design your own totally customizable place and move in today!


Earthquake awareness quiz


Pee in the shower?

VOB Nedir

Türkiye’nin ilk ve tek Vadeli Islemler ve Opsiyon Borsasi, bilen bilmeyen herkes için VOB’un ne oldugunu açikliyor. Turkey’s first and only term Operations and Options Stock Exchange.

Onetothree 2010

A Shanghai based independent interactive studio specializing in advanced web design and multimedia applications.

The Prototype Experience


They took everything from me, my family, my friends, my life… And they gonna pay for it. But you got something that I need…

GTI Project : Volkswagen UK


The GTI Project celebrates the car and its history. Delivering an amazing race experience on the secret GTI interactive Scalectrix test track.

Menuiserie Québec

L’Entreprise Menuiserie Pierre Lechantre Architectural Inc., située à Gatineau dans l’Outaouais, œuvre dans le domaine de l’ébénisterie spécialisée et architecturale. The Company Pierre Lechantre Architectural Woodwork Inc.., Located in Gatineau in the Outaouais, the work in the field of specialty and architectural woodworking.

Let’s get flurrious


Design a flake with some ice-crystal pixels. Then let it fall in the Flurrious Squall. Every time you share it with a friend we give some love to UNICEF.

Rescue the Puppets – Puppetmastaz


Help Maloke to find the other members of Puppetmastaz kidnapped by the Sneakerboots



Ride Oregon


F.One – Bandit3 Most Wanted



Battle For Milkquarious



Cathy Beck Communications



Joe Dowdle


Moodstream™ by Getty Images


Summerfestival 2009 Nieuw-Zuid Antwerpen

Flash Tutorials from 2009

  1. How to make a Flash movie with a transparent background link
  2. How to Insert SWF Flash Movies in PowerPoint Presentations link
  3. Enhancing the Security of Adobe Flash link
  4. Create a simple Flash/PHP mail contact form with AS3 and MySQL link
  5. Top security threats to Flash/Flex applications and how to avoid them link
  6. Create an Auto-Scrolling Vertical Content link
  7. Using Bing translator API in Flash Lite link
  8. Realistic gravity effect in flash link
  9. Develop with the Official YouTube Chromeless Player AS3 API link
  10. Drawing Gradients Programmatically in ActionScript 3 and Flash link
  11. Analog flash clock tutorial link
  12. Creating Flash Menu Tutorial link
  13. Shimmer, Shine Effect in Flash link
  14. XML-Driven 3D Spinning Menu and Photo Gallery in Flash link
  15. Interactive photo button link
  16. Convert an Image to Black and White link
  17. Blur Flash menu using the Action Script in Flash link
  18. Build a XML PopUp Image Gallery link
  19. Mouse X, Y position in Flash link
  20. Creating Flash Twitter Widget link
  21. 3D Spherical Gallery in Flash link
  22. Create Animated Dynamic Flash Charts link
  23. Flash Professional Accessibility link
  24. How to Use Flash Effectively link
  25. How to duplicate and swap objects in flash link
  26. How to replace a picture in Flash movie link
  27. Reducing the risk of malicious web attacks with HP SWFScan link
  28. Cartoon Animation Tutorial link
  29. Create a Flash Website on the Basis of a Pre-made Design link
  30. How to duplicate and swap objects in flash link

Flash Design Videos from 2009

How To Create an Adobe Flash Web Site Video

How to Make a Flash Intro for Your Website

Flash Mute Button Tutorial

How to make basic moving text

How to make a replay Button

How To Motion Tween

Flash Animation Tutorial: Two Leg Walk Cycles

How To Create an Adobe Flash Video Player

How To Create an Adobe Flash Slide Show Video

Make Drag And Drop Flash Player Tutorial

Flash Data with XML and Actionscript 3

Adobe Device Central CS5 Sneak Peek

How to Create a Flash Website

Flash Tools and Applications

2009 was an amazing year and I look forward to the new year of 2010 with joy

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