Thursday, March 5, 2009

What makes a great website?

  • Simple, clean, and professional
    Your website should have everything your prospects need--inviting design, good navigation, and exclusive content--and nothing more. Keep it simple and clean. Don't put fancy animations and meaningless images.
  • Fast loading
    Attention span of website visitors is low--usually 5-7 seconds. If your website takes too long to load, then your visitors will leave immediately. Most of them will never come back.
  • Easy to use
    Don't make your visitors think. If you do, then they will leave your website, and will not come back later. Your visitors should be able to find what they need easily and quickly.
  • Easy to maintain
    You should have no trouble adding new content or updating current content. Otherwise, you will spend a fortune on website maintenance costs.
  • Search engine friendly
    Search engines like Google are major source of traffic. Majority of your prospects will find your website through search engines. Keep your website search engine friendly. Search engines love simple and clean websites.
  • Browser friendly
    What's the point of having a website that looks and functions well on one browser (i.e. Internet Explorer), but breaks on other browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox)? You need to make sure that every visitor has good and consistent experience with your website.
  • Flexible
    Your website should be structured well such that you can add new features (i.e. newsletter subscription) to your website easily. It should be flexible with your growing needs.
  • Accessible
    Your website should be accessible in many different devices such as handheld PDAs. Nowadays, a growing number of people uses these devices to access the Internet. There is a good chance your prospects are using them as well.



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